Dinner in the Sky® is a product developed by Events in the Sky according to two key words: Exclusivity and Safety. We want to provide our clients with the most exclusive experiences ever dreamt of in a completely safe way. All our concepts are designed in conformity with the EN13814 norm. Products are built in Belgium under the control of Rheinland TÜV.

This obsession for safety is probably one of the reasons why Dinner in the Sky® is now operated in more than 60 countries and got the official authorizations from the toughest countries such as US, Canada, Australia, South-Africa etc. Dinner in the Sky was launched in 2006 and has been operating for over 15 years, during which not one incident has happened.

Things to think about as an event organiser. Venue?

As an organizer you will need to arrange for: Event location 30 x 15 meters accessible for both crane & truck with trailer. If you can’t find a good venue please contact us we can assist you in this. 90 meters of steel barriers to secure the area for Dinner in the Sky.


Catering is not included, the budget will depend on your wishes (how do you plan your 8 hours: 1 VIP dinner or several half an hour tastings/cocktails sessions or…, which type of food do you want to offer to your guests…)

Can we arrange for our own catering ?
Yes you can, but if you need any assistance we will be able to assist you with some high quality catering companies.

How many chefs can cook inside the table ?

How many chefs can cook inside the table ?
There is room for 3 chefs in the middle of the table.

Can the caterer use open fire ?
No this is not allowed due to fire & Safety regulations. But it’s possible to have electricity on the table in order to use electrical devices. Gas-barbecue may also be used.

What kind of food can be served on the table ?

There are no fixed menus. Our clients have been serving from sushi to lobster, from tapas to gastronomic dinner… so it really depends on the catering company and the available budget.

Table seating

How many people can sit around the table? Dinner in the Sky can seat a maximum of 22 people per session.
How many sessions can you organise during 8 hours? Depending on the activities you want to organise we think that 1 hour per session is ideal, so you can do around 7 sessions in one day. But if it’s just a tasting or a cocktail, you can imagine half an hour sessions.

What is the minimum age to attend Dinner in the Sky ?

Dinner in the sky is not age related but height related, we need to be able to secure you safely in your seat, minimum height is 150 cm. Children shall be accompanied by an adult.

Is there heating available ?

Dinner in the Sky offers an infra red heating system as an option for € 750/day. (63 amp needs to be available at your location with a 60 meter long 63 amp power cable and a switch box that can hold 8 x 220 V 16 amp to power up the heating system)


What certifications are available for Dinner in The Sky ? The Dinner in the Sky is designed in conformity with EN13814 norm, all drawings, calculations and simulations are tested by TÜV. The structure and all hoisting materials are tested every 3 months by BTV (Belgium Testing agency)


What kind of insurance do you have in place ? We have a worldwide coverage to operate Dinner in the Sky, we advise our clients to take out an event insurance as an extra precaution.

Any other question ?

Just write to us :
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